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Welcome to CacheFace.


CacheFace is the global Geocaching Social Network that allows geocachers to connect and share in their adventure, no matter where they are... even live from the trail.


CacheFace brings the fragmented caching groups that exist on various social networks and forums around the world and allows all these cachers to come together in 1 place and hang out, make new friends, share tips and ideas, create global groups for their interests (travel bugs, caching containers, etc), take part in forums and so much more...something that wouldn’t normally happen as people wouldn’t normally venture out of their local group hangout.


With a mobile and tablet app, CacheFace makes it even easier to connect and share your geocaching experiences.


There's so much going on and signing up is free and always will be.


Join the thousands of geocachers around the world on the global geocaching social network.... c'mon in and show us all your "Cache Face"


Join the dedicated social network for geocachers around the world and begin a new type of caching....social caching.